Saturday, June 25, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things.... well this week at least....

Stuff makes me smile.  Vintage stuff makes me giddy.  Cheap vintage stuff makes me gasp, giggle and pat myself on the shoulder!   I wonder why people look at me funny and then back away slowly?

This week I found a Number 3 Barbie and Ken with clothes and case...$17.00.  Oh yay!  Did you play with Barbies?  From the time I was about six until I was ummm too old to admit to it and then when I was too old to care either way--I have loved Barbie.  I have a very good body image, by the way.   I love her little clothes, and the zippers on vintage dresses and the way her voice sounds a lot like mine but more confident.  Oh Barbie, someday I wanna be exactly like you, till then I know just what I'll do, I'll make believe that I am you! 

I grew up in a small northern Maine town and we had to travel about 15 to 20 miles to Lincoln, Maine to shop.  Newberry's was a five and dime on Main Street.  I never knew that it was a franchise and there were stores all over the U.S.  I thought ours was the only one.  I remember sitting at the lunch counter on a swivel stool and ordering french fries and watching the soda fountain pump red and orange fluid like a waterfall and being pretty sure it was magic.  I remember shopping for canvas tennis shoes to get me through the summer "and you know they would last longer if you wouldn't use them as bicycle brakes!"  The toys were down in the basement and I could sleepwalk right to the Barbie aisle.  It closed in the late 90's and that's very sad.  But this little basket makes me happy.  Giddy-happy. 

Oh, from 1984 to 1988 I also bought my weight in Aqua-Net hairspray from Newberry's.   Did you see MY hair?  Why so much hair? 

So did you have a Newberrys?  Another store like that?  Do you remember the smell and the asbestos floor and the aqua painted walls, the stairs? 

Oh, and have you found anything cool lately?  I love neat find stories--Go ahead share with me!



  1. Oh, the goatmother loved Barbie! She had a 'bubble cut' Barbie ... and Midge. Recently she found a Liddle Diddle Kiddle. Are you old enough to remember those? Probably not, but you know the goatmother. She had 'Woolworth's' instead of 'Newberry's' And a Kress's. But Woolworth is where her first 'make-up' came from - along with the first Beatles album. :)

  2. Oh, no I remember Little Kiddles with their great big heads. Most of my toys came as hand me downs or yard sale finds so I was usually a generation behind my own--oh wow, do you think that's why I like old stuff now? Marigold, Goat can you tell me why I can't eat food that's touched other food?

  3. Dear Lisa,
    Of course I know why you can't eat food that has touched other food. Obviously you have 'Mr. Monk' syndrome.

  4. Oh yeah Lisa, what wonderful times. I remember them well, Char

  5. Brilliant. Did you know Tony Shaloub went to college at the University of Southern Maine-Coincidence? I think not.

  6. OMGosh! I grew up 15 to 20 miles away from 'stinkin' Lincoln too! (Well, from Cold Stream Pond anyway.) AND I love vintage and the memories of Newberry's. What a cool case. But my eye is on that dressmaker form! ~Lili

  7. In the little village where I grew up, we had antique shops and my Mom taught me antiquing in there. That's why I am addicted today. :)
    I have lots of nifty find stories.... a recent one is a genuine croc handbag I bought at a thrift shop for $3. Oh and I bought a pair of 1950s cat eye Ray Bans for about $0.25 one time. :)

  8. I remember the old Post office, with asbestos tiles, old swing doors, and dial combination locks on all the boxes.

    Course, that memory is from when I was 8 and the Post office hasn't changed at all since I was there working on Monday.

    Asbestos tiles and all. :)

  9. Well,Lisa, no wonder you are so witty! Tony Shaloub is awesome! See what wonderful people Maine turns out? Hey, maybe that Barbie is worth some $$$. I bet the case is.

  10. @Lili

    Wow! What a small world...we lived in Lowell until I was 13--talk about middle of nowhere! Lincoln was a metropolis to me!

  11. What a sweet little shop, and what great finds! I bought a white vintage Costco kitchen stool for my little one who is at the age where she wants to help (do) everything in the kitchen. That's about it for me, though - I didn't get out much this weekend. Glad you had better luck than I did!

  12. I remember Newberry's. And don't forget The Rose Bowl.