Monday, June 13, 2011

Always Prepared but never organized...

This is my TO-DO list for this morning. 

It is now 11:20.  I have one thing scratched off.  It says Animals.  Which means to feed, water, shovel poop, scratch behind the ears and call them shmoopsy.  Check.

Then I was supposed to do the dishes.  Not just wash them, but I bought new-old dishes at the auction yesterday and I need to banish the mismatched, chipped dishes from the cupboards.  These are my new-old dishes...It is a pattern called Blue Heaven by the Sebring Co.  Oh, how I love them.  I got plates and bowls and teacups, saucers, coffee cups, lunch plates, berry bowls, soup bowls all FOR...wait for it....$5.00.  Oh yeah...

Then I should be cleaning off the various drift that collects on the sideboards.

Clear off the overflow that lands on the table, sweep the floors, fold the laundry, clear off the computer table, change the boy's beds and become a Boy Scout. On my honor I... No, wait that's wrong.  I need to sew badges on a boy scout shirt for a customer. 

The list probably should have read...

Wow, look at how much I've accomplished this morning!  I amaze myself sometimes.

Smiles from the farm,



  1. And who can ask for anythin more....? :)

  2. HAHA! Now just seeing all those crossed off items really gave me an energy boost.

  3. LOL!!! I love it... sounds just like my list that I actually complete every day!!! (I meant the 2nd list of course, my real list that I made last Sat is still only about 1/2 done ;0) heehee!!)

  4. LOL, love it! I never realized just how much I do accomplish if I would just write it all down! Thanks for the smile today!

  5. I thoroughly believe that THINKING about things exercises your brain---it increases thinking skills and well, I bet it EVEN burns calories! So, if you thought about that "other" list...that about as good as doing it! By the way, I actually purchsed that very same bowl at the local Sally's (Salvation Army!) for about a dollar. Love it! Nice to see what the plates looked like! Enjoy!

  6. It's all in the timing. And the perspective.

  7. Yep! Pretty much looks like my two to-do lists. lol!

    I love those dishes. Wow, what a deal.

  8. Love the dishes, I grew up with that pattern, I now only have a custard cup and a bread pan, beautiful New-old dishes. I never follow only one to-do -list I make several and follow anyone I like!

  9. Is that bowl blue heaven too? Its beautiful! So jealous of your score!