Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Lovely Afternoon With Jake...

The sun was shining this afternoon, so I dug out my skis and headed down into the woods with Jake. 

You know in previous winters when I've been down in the woods or out on the pond I always wished that I had a dog to keep me company.  And now, lookie there, I do.  Isn't that nice?

He doesn't get very far from me. 

Though he did veer off the path to investigate this beaver house.  Right about now the Beaver family is looking up at their ceiling wondering what the heck is happening.  Our family feels your pain Beaver's.  We truly do. 

The snow sleds haven't been out on the pond, so we decided to trust their instincts and turn around. 

Slowly we returned home.  The only sound the glide of my skis and the flump-flump of Jake's paws in the newly fallen snow. 

Or not...

Smiles from the farm,


  1. Jake is so funny trying to bite the skis. You can't beat a trusty dog to keep you company. Lovely snow photos.

  2. You have a beautiful place and a really neat dog. Very nice blog too thank you for sharing.

  3. Obviously Jake has taken up the age-old art of ski herding. As long as it isn't goats.

  4. Actually we had a dog one time that used to do the same thing with the sweeper hose LOL :)

  5. Muzzle time. Did I just say that out loud? Jake I love ya, but oh man. ~Lili

  6. Hi Lisa, looks like all fun and games to Jake. He is just too darn cute. Char

  7. HAHA! Maybe you'd have better luck with snow shoes?