Monday, October 25, 2010

You know what I'd like to have?

People in my house wince and run away when I say that.  I don't know why.  Now that I'm 40, I think I should start to make some of my lifelong dreams come true.   Here is the list of things I want.  It's normal.

An old Mayor McCheese for the goats to play in.  Husband thinks that's dumb.  I, however, think it would be Awesome.

A water buffalo.  She can't play in the Mayor McCheese though-that would just be weird.  I would name her Janeane Bulafalo. 

Charlie's Angels Hideaway House.  Ok, I wanted this when I was 7 and I didn't get it.  I have held a deep resentment for 33 years.  Thank you mother.  Actually now that I see it again, it is pretty cheesy.  Nevermind.  I probably did get more use out of the socks and underwear.  I still haven't forgotten not getting the Michael Jackson jacket with the zippers, Easy Bake Oven or a real Ken doll.  Donny Osmond was NOT the same thing. 

A vintage Shasta camper.  Pink, with wings.  I want this bad.  I don't even like camping. 

A sassy gay friend who would go shoe shopping with me and teach me how to make a dry martini.  Though I only wear boots and hate olives.  It'd still be fun though.  I'd name him Janeane Bulafalo---no wait that doesn't make any sense. 

Oh and I'd really like Photoshop, so I could learn how to make my kid's eyes look all wet and shiny like Puss in Boots or mommys with photo blogs.  Wow that was snarky.  Sorry about that. 

Awww darn it.  I missed it.  McDonald's Playground  Anyone know where I can get a Mayor McCheese, cheap? 



  1. You crack me up. No...seriously. You do. My first job was Micky D's and I want NOTHING to do with McCheese anything. :) hahahha Too many hamburgers and french fries I'm afraid. Gained 15 pounds my senior year of HS and it took me five to get it off!

    Still smiling~


  2. The goats here all support your Mayor McCheese fantasy.

  3. The Mayor McCheese is the best idea ever! I will keep my eyes open for one!

  4. If you find two of the shasta thingies, I want one too, altho I hate camping!!! Char