Sunday, October 17, 2010

Postcards From The Farm

Dear Margaret,

The weather here in Maine is lovely this time of year.  We had the most wonderful summer.  It was full of good food, good friends and fun.  The farm is to DIE for.  It's almost like a spa here!  You just finish eating and someone is trying to feed you apples or tomatos or lord only knows what other goodies.  They certainly are generous!  We may never leave. 

I would never speak out of turn, as you know, I am nothing if not a proper lady.  However, some of the OTHER ladies seem to be putting on the pounds in the last few weeks.  If I didn't know better I'd swear that they have increased the caloric levels of our meals. 

Some changes have been happening the last few days.  The barn has been cleaned and some fences have come down.  The garden has been mowed and the goats (our next-door neighbors) got their mani-pedi's and their worming.  I'm so glad we are civilized creatures and are not in need of such things as wormings. Also I've heard rumors of an occurence called WINTER, but I know nothing of it.  Our server has informed us that we have nothing to worry about, we will totally escape this thing called WINTER and I am glad for it.   

Well I shall sign off as it seems we are going on a little field trip this afternoon!  Probably leaf peeping.  The trees are afire with the glow of autumn glory.  The others are all a twitter and I want to be sure to get a good seat.  This is going to be so much fun!

So ta-ta for now my darling, until next time.  Wish you were here!

Best Regards,


  1. I have a feeling she's not going peeping. -J

  2. Oh dear. Turkeys are so goofy. :)

  3. Lisa, Lisa, Lisa. I'm serving tofurkey this year you know. Or lobster. ~Lili

  4. Oy. I think your farm has good service - even better than here. However, I don't think I'll come visit. I don't like truck rides under any circumstances, and, in the end, yours just doesn't seem like where I'd want to be going.

  5. Oh Lisa, girlfriend, I hope they are taking a lovely vacation to someplace warm. I don't want to begin to think about the alternatives........Char

  6. Oh great! I have 2 white turkeys that I thought were girls but after looking at yours I really don't think mine are very feminine!!! LOL