Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An hour in the life of a puppy...

Don't chew on that, don't chew on that, oooooh.  NO!  I won't do it.  I won't chew on that. 

Don't chase that, don't chase that, don't chase that....aaahhhuugggg!  Run-run-run-slow down-stop.   Little gray cats with standy up tails are FAST.   Ok, I'm good. 

Don't jump, don't jump, don't jump...Aw crap, I just couldn't help it.  I just LOVE.YOU.SO.MUCH.  Ooops I peed a little.

Don't eat the cat, don't eat the cat, don't eat the cat.  CAT.IS.SO.EATIE.  nom-nom-nom.  OUCH-high pitched yelp from Angry One Who Has Treats Sometimes and Rubs Belly.  Let cat go.  See how good I am?  Wait, why is she giving me bad look.  I let GO!  I nice.

Play with toy, play with toy, play with toy, chase ball, chase ball, chase ball, look cute, look cute, look cute. 

SOMEONE JUST OPENED THE CAR DOOR!  Oh no, they are leaving me here.  THEY ARE NEVER COMING BACK.  I will be alone and lonely and no one will ever rub my tummy ever, ever, ever again.  What am I going to DO?  Oh the humanity, the humanity!  Look the car door open.  I will slip in, they will never know.  I am smartest dog breed ever. 

I just wait right here.  They will come and take me for a ride.  I'll just wait right here and be nice.  If they take me for ride I never chew on cat again.  I never jump.  I never chase CHICKENS.  Oh I love to chase chickens.  I think that's what them for, chasing.  

Hmm.  I wait for long time.  Car not move.   If they not come take me for ride in one minute I take my not eat cat promise back. 
Is she pointing black flashy thing at me from the window?  Is they laughing at me?  Car DOOR opened, means car go fast!  I smartest dog breed ever.  I think I've been tricked.  What kind of people leave car door open and never make car go?  Bad ones.  Very, very bad ones. 

UPDATE:  The fool was still waiting at 7:30!  He sat in the car for over four hours waiting for a ride.  I think he took several "breaks" to chase chickens and torment the cat but when I went to find him for bed, he was sleeping in the passenger seat. 

Jake the Puppy


  1. Too funny!

    Sadly, I know a dog like that, and she's not a puppy anymore.


  2. Bad two legger! You should have more respect for smart puppy ;)

  3. He's just too cute for words, Char

  4. Awww...just the fact that he pinky promised that he wouldn't chew on the cat was darling. What a cute little stinker! ~Lili