Sunday, January 3, 2010

Now that's a blizzard...

It is taking a bit of will power to allow this to happen...

Why?  Well for one I have some control issues.  Two, I hate making them do things they don't want to.  Stupid, I know.  I started to go out and take over, but stopped myself.  It builds character, right?  I didn't take a picture of the Teenager since demons were feverishly swooping around her head and fire was actually coming out of her ears.  She may never speak to any of us ever again.  Until she wants to go somewhere, probably in an hour or so from now. 

So in keeping with my pincushion a day thing that I've got going on...Here is NUMBER 2!  Well look at me keeping a goal past the first day.  Who woulda thunk it?

This one is pretty simple.  I added a little emery strawberry to help sharpen the pins.  I also hand sculpted the two pink rose pins.  Again, I listed it on Etsy, so if you have to have it, go there!

Smiles from the farm,


  1. so cute. so, so incredibly cute.

  2. Simple for you maybe, but that looks very intricate! And I've never thought to sharpen my needles, they always seem too sharp already when I accidentally stab myself with them. But nice addition to the design. Very pretty! --Lili

  3. Lisa, your daughter would probably hate me for saying it, but a little hard work never hurt anyone.....gesh, did I really say that!!?? Love the second cushion, yeah, you did it, now how many more hundreds do you have to make? Char

  4. I wasn't that mad!
    Those roses are amazing, Mumma.

  5. That is really cute! I love the little roses on it.