Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Make do or do without...

So I go to a new sewing machine repair place, becuase my old sewing machine repair place no longer has a working phone number.  The lady takes the case off of my machine and this is what she order...

1.  Wow, that's an oldie.

2.  What the heck did you do to it? 

So I say, well it's not THAT old.  I bought it new.  Like 12 years ago.  12 isn't old is it?  I mean if it's like fruit or high waisted jeans it probably is but a sewing machine?  Husband thinks she was just trying to sell me a new one.  Me=wrong tree, she=barking up said tree. 

Then I say, well I'm kinda rough on things.  You should see my car. 

ANYWAY, they will clean it and service it, replace the plate, new lightbulb, knock out the dents in the fenders and top off the fluids.  All for a nice tidy little sum of not less than $65.00.  Minimum.  ACK. 

It will be ready in two weeks.

WHAT!?  How do I go two weeks without a sewing machine? 

Well I came home and moaned and whined.  I figured my options were to go buy a cheapy at Wal-Mart or start calling friends who might let me borrow theirs.  (None of my friends sew)  Husband offered stupid suggestions and I kindly shook my head at him.  Finally I gestured over to my old-I mean we're talking 104 years old, manufactured in 1906 old, treadle sewing machine that I bought at auction for $15.00 about 15 years ago.  It has never had a belt and I use it as a computer desk.  Well I gestured over to it and said, "I wish I had a belt for that!"  I was joking.  I don't know how to use a treadle sewing machine.  Besides where can you find a belt for a 1906 Singer treadle sewing machine?  It was suggested that I call the sewing machine repair place where I just brought my "OLD" 12-year old New Home Memory Craft 4000.  Scoffing I did and for $12.95 and a few bucks in gas,  I had a leather belt for my 1906 Singer treadle sewing machine.  And holy cow it works.  And holy cow I made a goat on it.  And holy cow, I am SUPER WOMAN!  Hear me mahhhh!

Who needs electricity and zig zag stiches?  Who needs beepy buttons and automatic bobbin winders?  Who needs portability and a little button that you push and it will write your name on the fabric just like magic? 

I do, oh dear Lord please hurry up and fix my machine....SOB!

Smiles from the farm,


  1. You did good! Everytime we have to go back to the good ole days I really, really appreciate the modern times.

  2. I am asuming your foot has to move back and forth so you are also getting there's a good reason to have your other machine!! Would you believe I sew on a machine that my husband bought me back in the early 70's? Yes, I do have a new one, but I don't like all the buttons and instant stuff. I don't know how to use all that stuff. I just need go and stop. Have you ever tried to read the instructions books for new machines?? They are written in spanish, english AND french.....why??? oh why??? Char

  3. Wow! I have been wondering if I could learn to use my Gramma's old early 1900's treadle machine like yours. I am inspired!

  4. Lisa, How can I get a hold of you? I can't find your email.

  5. I LOVE the old OLD sewing machine!
    Yay for a backup, right?
    And you'll be able to continue sewing if we ever have another ice storm and power is out for days and days... ;-)

  6. That sewing machine is gorgeous, but wow you have a button to make it sew your name on the 12 yr. old one? I would def want that one back! You would not want to use mine, even though it's a Singer, my most fancy stitch is zigzag...but you are MORE than welcome to use mine ANYTIME! --Lili

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  8. Thanks for the good laugh at the end of the post! What a cute sewing machine, but I'm with you, I like my bells and whistles.

  9. I can't believe that woman said 12 years was an oldie. I mean, what the FRICK are replacement parts for? Machines that break after 4 months?

    Anyway, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your goaty pincushion. Are making them to sell?

  10. OK, nevermind I see you have an Etsy shop for these. So I guess my real question is, will you be making more goats? Cuz if you are, I'd love to feature the next one over on NGIP's GTOTD.