Thursday, December 17, 2009

If I Were a Snowman...

If I were a snowman
all white and freezing cold
I'd never plan for hard times
‘cause I’d never get that old

If I were a snowman
standing just outside your door
 once conceived in joyous revelry
I'd be thought of no more

If I were a snowman
my fate so abruptly dealt
there'd be no time to love nor hate me
and no mourning when I'd melt

If I were a snowman
my heart just made of snow
there'd be nothing on the inside
That the outside doesn’t show.

If I were a snowman
I'd freeze all your hurt and pain
I’d keep it in my frigid breath
and then simply vanish with the rain.


  1. AS long as you don't vanish the Peanuts.

  2. lovely. But if you WERE a snowman, you'd still be around 'til Spring around here!

  3. As a true snowman/woman fan, that was lovely!

  4. Would you have snowballs? Sorry,just had to ask.