Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Blizzard of '09, mouse poop and Merry Christmas

Yeah, yeah, yeah the EAST COAST was bombarded, blasted and bombed with a nasty BLIZZARD.  The east coast?  Really?  I do believe we have the eastest coast up here in Maine.  We got nuthin.  Just the old dirty snow from a few weeks ago.  The blizzard of '09, yeah ok, whatever. 

Anyway...it's really close to Christmas and I'm not ready and I'm stressing a bit and there is so much to do so I'm feeling a little peckish.  To add to all the glory, I've run out of cat.  Which is kind of like running out of nutmeg but instead of not being able to enjoy a tasty eggnog, I've got this....

We happen to live one of those roads that is a little bit from town.  Our house is hidden by trees and it seems it is a perfect spot for dropping unwanted cats.  In the past when we have run out of cat, we have just waited and another shows up.  This may seem a bit callous to you kitty lovers out there, but be assured that the kitty we take in is spayed/neutered and vaccinated (sometimes not on time, but nonetheless).  I try to catch all the extra kitties and take them to the shelter.  Well it seems my bitching and moaning about the irresponsible kitty droppers has taken hold and we have no more kitties.  Our last little foundling, Precious,disappeared about a month ago and she is sorely missed.  So if a kitty doesn't show up soon, we will be buried in mouse poop and that is just gross. 

Smiles from the (kitty missin') farm,


  1. Yep, Lisa, they are the mice getters. Ours get them too, I just don't like to see it.....but then someone has to do it. Better than a trap.

    see?? Be careful what you wish for!!! Hopefully you will be saving another little ball of fur soon.
    Have missed you but been gone and going again.......yeah!! Talk to you in 2010, and hope you and yours has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Char

  2. Maybe Santa will bring you a kitty. Oh, and that snow that you didn't get...we got a half foot of it down here. And I think you'll get some of your own tonight. Warm Christmas wishes to you!

  3. I wonder how much airfare is for one cat to Maine. I have the perfect kitty for you.

  4. We have those stupid mice in the barn...and now we even have a ghost one. Oy.

  5. SOS in Maine has a lot of great cats & kittens. We work on their animals at school. If they still have Chuckie, he's a young adult and real sweetheart. http://www.saveourstraysinmaine.org
    They also have professional mouser barn cats that need homes. Check them out if Santa hasn't found one for you yet.

  6. Lisa, wishing you a very merry Christmas filled with peace and joy. Merry Christmas to all the kids and chicks, too.
    Hugs, Kathleen

  7. Im sorry that your kitty didn't come home. I feel that they come and go in our lives. It's painful but they have a good life while they are with us. Like you we take them in, spay/neuter and vaccinate and love them. Hopefully you will have a new visitor whether they are there long or short. Merry Christmas!

  8. I bet one will be showing up soon! We've had two abandoned on our property recently. (They're now making their homes here.) The vet said that lots of cats (and dogs) are getting abandoned this year because of the economy.

  9. Can you go over to the neighbor's house and just borrow a cup of cat or something?