Monday, May 4, 2009

Water buffalos and a little hoarse goat...

Well, I now know that true blue mozzerella cheese comes from the milk of the water buffalo. So I NEED a water buffalo.

Good news! In the Uncle Henry's there are two bred water buffalo (buffalos~buffali?) for $1,200.00 each. Woo hoo! and I thought it was going to be hard to find a water buffalo in Maine. I am so relieved. And to make it even better, my husband said yes! He actually said, "Sure why not. As soon as you sell enough eggs from the chickens and cheese from your goats, you should absolutely buy a (%$#&^ water buffalo." What a doll, he just gets me~you know? But the chickens are only laying two eggs a day and it takes Dottie a week to give me a gallon of milk, so it looks as though my water buffalo dreams are for naught. Unless you want to click on my blog ads like a million times-Oh do it, just so I can get a water buffalo. That would be so awesome.

So no water buffalo this weekend but on Sunday morning I packed everyone in the van and told them we were going on a big adventure, and oh Little Bud was so happy! Where are we going mama?

We're going to get....

A new little goat!

And by the time we got home, we all felt that way. Holy cow, who knew such a tiny little goat could be so LOUD! She's cute though.

Her name is Stella. Stella the Yella'. We all hope she quiets down soon. I wonder how loud water buffalos are? My husband say's they coo like doves, poop gold bricks and are practiced in the art of swedish massage. If I didn't know any better, I'd say he's a tad sarcastic.

Smiles from the farm,


  1. Hey Lisa, if your husband thinks the water buffalo poop gold bricks, why doens't he want 2??!! You wouldn't need to make the cheese, you could buy all you could eat!! Yeah......water buffalo......Char
    and by the way, I'm diggin stella the yella!!!

  2. She is quite beautiful...much, much MUCH better than a water buffalo.

  3. You should definitely get a water buffalo. What a beautiful goat, she is colored like a calico cat, just gorgeous!

  4. Stella is so cute!!!! Will she help on the milk production?

    Only a million times needed to click the ads, eh? hmmm, let me get on that!! LOLOLOL!!

  5. Stella is beautiful! I love all her colors.