Thursday, May 21, 2009

Who doesn't love apple blossoms?

The bees love 'em... The hummingbirds love 'em...There is a hummingbird in this picture, but man they move fast! I love 'em... Aaaand the goats love them. There are FIVE, count 'em FIVE~*5* apple trees at our house. Huge old apple trees with loads and loads of blossoms. But the sweetest ones just happen to be the ones I just picked. I've got bruises. Stupid goats.

Smiles (and grimaces) from the farm, Lisa


  1. Your blog looks beautiful. Nice job! I love your goats...I love animals period, and goats just seem like happy creatures. I love the video...more, please. No auction for me this week...we are going to New York City......but I will be there next Sat. Have a great holiday week-end. Hugs, Kathleen

  2. The leaves and blossoms are okay, but I prefer the apples! Of course I make the goatmother cut them up for me. I am not spoiled...I am not spoiled...I am not spoiled.

  3. Thanks for following my yours too. Seems we have a similar life!! Your goats are wonderful....ya gotta love goats!!

  4. Apple trees, wow, I know that you have the life a city girl would love to experience. I would love to trade places with you for awhile. Want to come to the desert and let me play with Charles and the goats. Oh my would they be spoiled by the time you got back home. I guess trading places wouldn't be a good idea after all. Oh Poo!! Char

  5. The apple blossoms are beautiful.
    Love the video!

    Have a great weekend.