Monday, February 23, 2009

Here's the latest buzzzz

Tommorow is my first day of school. Bee school that is. Back in October I attended Goat school and now it is time for bee school. Why do I want bees you ask? Well...I am not sure why but I do. I need to have bees. Everyone says I am crazy because of course, bees sting. But they also produce HONEY. ~Oh Bother!~ says Pooh. Will there come a time in my life where I don't need to go the grocery store? Well not unless I can figure out how to produce toilet paper and Doritos there won't be. But close. I want to get close.

Still no camera. But we did get almost two feet of snow last night. Blech. Enough already. I want something green, other than...well everyone here has colds but I won't get gross.

So wish me luck at Bee school! The cooperative extension offers a class on composting also, so perhaps next it will be Poop School!

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  1. I think Bee School would be very important given the fact that we are loosing bee's in this country by the millions. We need more people willing to have hives. Thankyou for checking into this, maybe you will decide to have hives. I should look into it, but I don't think my HOA's would allow it. Char

  2. I applaud your efforts at being self-sufficient (even with the chance of being stung!) And the comment about the Doritos and toilet paper? PRICELESS
    I've been lurking on your blog for a while and wanted you to know I really enjoying following your adventures.