Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Little Bud Lobster Pants

Here are Little Bud's shorts that he would have worn if our picnic had not been cancelled due to rain.  Yes, they are made from tablecloth fabric.  But, I mean, really, how cute.

I made them from this pattern with some changes.  I did not put in the fly or button closure and opted for a faux fly and an elastic back for comfort and ease of changing.

Now we need to find another social event for which lobster pants are required.

Have a safe and happy Fourth!



  1. snort! But you're right...they are CUTE! Well done.

  2. Gotta' love a "man" in a pair of lobster pants. SO cute. And resourceful.

    I have a couple of yards of green/white checked seersucker and I am dying to make a dress for one of the girls, but neither would be caught dead in seersucker. Oh well. I'll just make one for myself. :P

  3. Aren't lobster pants social accepted anywhere in Maine? Kind of like Visa and American Express?