Saturday, July 14, 2012

Home From the Sea

We started out with eight brave souls.  By the third day we were down five.   All boys...they were bored and went home.  So we girls did things like recreate the Victorian photos found on the wall of the cottage.  You know...normal stuff.

I cooked a half of a turkey in the Star Kineo cook stove and while it was cooking (five hours!) I made cake donuts.

And Jake tried to herd fishing boats and seals.  They were about as cooperative as the goats.

We played a rousing game of The Flintstones Game.  Highly recommended.

Just in case you thought their mirth was due to good wholesome fun...they were laughing at the game pieces...which they oh-so-sensitively called "The Hitler Youth".  Horrible children.

We dug some clams...and ate them and ate them and ate them...

But mostly we just disconnected, read books, walked along the shore and tried to appreciate the quiet and beauty of this kind of raw place.  There was no electricity or running water.  There was limited cell service and no 3G, but so much more than all of that.  When you wake to ocean waves your day can not be bad.

Here's the website for the cottage.  Ross Cottage



  1. Absolutely LOVE this. IT would be my dream trip. It's also Tony's nightmare...

  2. That is such a beautiful place. Where is it? I'm glad you had a good time. I would love to go down that rock path. Just beautiful.

    1. Kris, it's in Pembroke, Maine. I put the link to the website in the post. It's amazing. Just don't invite boys, they just don't get it.

    2. Had you ever cooked on a wood stove before? I haven't. It looks like such a quiet peaceful place. No wonder guys don't care for it. I need to go there all by myself, thank you!

  3. SO cool! How about that stove! Wow. I remember staying a few nights in a rustic hunting lodge in the Endless Mountains in PA one summer with my family; there was an outhouse. And not much else. :)