Monday, June 18, 2012

Pattern Storage Revisited...

I went to the auction yesterday, but didn't really feel like spending money.  Yeah, I know that doesn't make sense.  But sometimes auctions can be like free museums of the truly odd and weird.  Cheap entertainment!  If I was going to buy anything it was going to be something to organize the junk that I already own, so I bought a weathered shelf for $2.00.  At this particular auction, if you ask for something to be separated from the lot, the price starts at $10.00.  Well, that's too rich for my blood.  So I usually wait for no one to bid and the price to go down to $1.00 before I start.  It's a complicated process.  But anyway,  this lot came up and I really wanted  one of those round pattern display things.

But I didn't want to pay $10.00 for it.  So I asked the guy who ended up buying the whole lot for $5.00, if I could buy one rack for $5.00 rendering him getting all that crap for free.  He had to think about it.  I people can be odd and weird.  Present company included.  Finally he agreed and I got my one rack.

So with a little bit of paint and a printed copy of a needle card for the display slot on the top-I have a lovely storage solution for my favorite vintage patterns.  Because believe it or not, that four-drawer dresser is full and I need more storage space for the patterns.  I guess I could have bought the Simplicity case, but it's kind of ugly.

Oh!  It swivels.  I don't know why but I like things that swivel.  (See aforementioned odd and weird comment).  



  1. Every time I see that dresser, I love it even more. :)

  2. Glad you posted another pic of your pattern storage dresser - I love it so much I just had to pin it on my Pinterest board. ~Lili