Friday, June 8, 2012

The Last Day

I found this nest in my driveway today.  There were no bits of egg shells or tiny feathers left.  No evidence left at all that a mother bird had built it and laid her eggs and hatched them.  Now they were all gone.  She had pushed them out of the nest and let them fall or fly.  Then she pushed the little home out of the tree so that they would have no reason to come back.  I wonder if she sat there and thought about the last day?   Did she feel sad that this part of her life was over?  Did she know exactly when she was going to let them go?  Did she count down the days, marking X's on a little bird calendar, watching the date and time approach with an equal amount of happiness, fear and heartbreaking sadness?

Today this little girl came home from her very last day of high school.  There are many-many days ahead full of new experiences and people and a whole wonderful life ahead of her.  Days that seem immeasurable and unending from where she stands right now.  I only hope she treasures each experience and doesn't wait until the last day to reflect on what it all meant.  

Now, if you will please excuse me.  I have to dry my tears and hire a bulldozer to rip this place APART.  What? I need to make sure she has no reason to come back.  That's what the best mothers do.  It's nature, damn it.

I love you, Kass and am very proud of who you have become.  You will fly.


  1. Beautiful.

    Bonus Brother graduates tomorrow. (If I don't manage to kill him first) and just tonight, we found a baby bird that had "fallen out of it's nest. Youngest sat with him for over a half hour in the driveway, his fluff still wild around his head (the bird's fluff not youngest) until he finally flew off... and almost took a header into the fence.

  2. What a beautiful post. You have a wonderful daughter who has a bright future ahead of her. But ya know what? They always seem to come back at one time or another. No matter that the nest has been torn down or moved somewhere else. Home is home, no matter where it is. She'll find her way back.

  3. Beautiful post-she will always come home to you-cause you've given her such wonderful roots and then wings! The best of both worlds!
    But it's hard to dry those eyes........I know.......

  4. That's one way to keep her from moving back home. LOL!

  5. Awww...this made me all teary eyed. You're such a good writer Lisa. ~Lili