Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Poor Ernit....

Scene:  Kitchen of a drafty old farmhouse.  Middle-aged man sitting at table acting crabby.  Teenage girl enters room, takes plate from cupboard, walks toward pan of lasagna on stove.  Middle-aged but very attractive and young spirited woman observes from doorway.

Middle-aged man:  You hungry?

Teenage girl:  (rolling her eyes) Yeah.

Middle-aged man:  Do you want some lasagna?

Teenage girl:  (rolling her eyes even more than usual) Yeah.

Middle-aged man: (more crabbily than usual) I made that you know.

Teenage girl:  (sighing heavily) Yeah.

Middle-aged man:  Well, what did you do to earn it?

Teenage girl:  (sighing even heavilier than usual)  Oh my God!   I don't even know who Ernit is! 

Middle-aged man looks confused.  Teenage girl looks snarky.

Middle-aged but very attractive and young spirited and also brilliantly smart woman:  Snort-snort, laugh-laugh-laugh-laugh.  Ernit!  What DID you do to Ernit?  Bah-hahahahahah. 

True story

Smiles from the farm,
Lisa (I was the attractive one-just so if you was wondering)


  1. Sometimes, teens are even better than toddlers. :)

  2. I am totally laughing my head off right now... that is too funny!

  3. Snicker ... snort .... giggle. One for the teenager, zero for the man. :)

  4. Life is a stand up comedy routine. Our family, the stars. Who could write this stuff?

  5. Oh this could become a funny. We don't have that kind of entertainment here anymore. I forgot how fun communication with teens could be! ~Lili