Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Prefer Herbivores...

Have you noticed the owls?  Everywhere are these googly eyed owl pillows, owl pin cushions, owl pot holders, appliqued owl underpants.  Ok, maybe not that last one but who decided that owls were cute?  Owls are predators, they eat cats, small dogs and little old ladies.  Just carry them right away.  Not cute, is what I say. 

That's right grandma, owls are cuddly.  Let's hug. 
 So I've been thinking...scary, I know.  I think we need a new trend.  New pillow fodder, if you will.  So here you go.  Goats are the new owls.

You're welcome.

(All available in my Etsy shop)



  1. Too cute! You are too talented. Although, I have to say, I don't think I've ever been googly-eyed. Oh, wait. Maybe when the Peanuts come out. Okay. I take it back.

  2. Love them!! Much better then the owls!!

  3. I only knew about owls being popular b/c one of my grandkids was obsessed with them. Now I need to let her in on the new trend! Those are really adorable Lisa, you have such a creative spirit! ~Lili

  4. I am not sure goats are better for the sanity than owls but you are definitely creative. 6 month from now when I see goats on everything I will know who started it!

  5. This is just too funny! I love the cute little owls you see people creating but I see your point about cuddling up to a predatory owl. Goats would certainly be a better choice for cuddling. Ha, ha! Your pillows are very cute and creative!