Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm a Friend of Bill Kindle...

Got virus...

Computer in repair place...


Forgot how to use buttons...

How does internetz work?

Why am I talking like this??

Because it was tragic, TRAGIC, I say. 

Though,  I did learn that I can read blogs and Facebook statuses (statusi...stata?) on my Kindle.  Not easily, but say if someone was having some sort of, oh I don't know, withdrawal can be done.  Kind of like when an alcoholic with no cash has to drink hair spray.  Sort of.  That's my totally appropriate analogy of the day.  

I sincerely apologize to the alcoholics that read this blog.  My broken computer was probably nothing like drinking hair spray. 



  1. Uh, huh. I'll humor you. But really, I think a kindle is a better name for a baby goat. Oh wait. Maybe that's kiddle. No, those are those really little dolls that came out in the 60's. Oh, never mind. Whatever one must do to meet one's needs. Me, I prefer...wait for it...Peanuts!

  2. I thought they drank rubbing alcohol? I would think one would glue their mouth shut if it was hairspray. Although . . .

    Hope your computer is better soon.

  3. I thought they drank mouthwash.


    So, hope your virus free soon!

  4. Hope your computer is feeling better soon. I love my Kindle. I have the old one, it is still all good. Miss ya.

  5. A Kindle...because blogs are like books too. I feel your pain Lisa! ~Lili

  6. Oh Lisa-I'd be doing anything I could too! Away for a weekend from computer and just have this tiny phone......feel silly-but using and reading!! Good luck w computer!!-rain!