Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween Mantle...

Today, I have to work.  I have to clean the hen house and get it ready for cold weather.  I need to clean the bathroom (the one in the house, the chicken's don't have a bathroom-they just poop wherever they want-hence why I need to clean the hen house...actually, that's kind of the same reason I need to clean the bathroom-AIM people! Jeesh).  I need to clean the summer clothes out of the boys' drawers and replace them with warm clothes. 

So, of course, I did none of that and played with my mantle instead. 

In other news.  My husband says he will either kill me or leave me if I bring this 3-legged muffin head home.

I think he's bluffing. 

Smiles from the farm,


  1. Oooh. Ahhhh. Halloween mantle. Nice, but you need some spooky stuff. I say you can bring the muffin head home only if it promises not to try herding. I'm just sayin'...

  2. You are so much fun Lisa! ~Lili

  3. I love that you are up here in ME. I actually saw the same picture today and my husband said the same thing...came over from Skippy's blog...

  4. Love the mantle Lisa, what fun you are having.
    As for the three legged dog, I think I would take the chance. HA HA
    See you next time, Char

  5. Besides, if you clean up the mess, they will just make more that needs to be cleaned up again. The mantle is beautiful and well worth the distraction.