Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer blogging... anyone out there? 

I'm looking forward to fall.  I know, I know, but there are SOOO many kids here and they all need to go places and I'm just ready to take advantage of the money I pay in property taxes and send the lot of them off to bother other people. 

I am working on a project that I'm not ready to share with anyone yet.  Don't you hate that?  I mean why mention it at all.  Well, the thing is, is that it's pretty big and if I say anything now, then the whole excitement will be gone and I'll quit and I don't want to do soon I will tell you.  Other then that, this is what I've done this summer.

I made a skirt from an old curtain.  It is a skirtain.  Yes that's copyrighted, don't even think about stealing it.  Unless you say please, and then ok, go ahead.  I would have modeled it, but I don't feel like combing my hair. 

Then I made this cuff, because my bees all died last winter and I miss them.  (Sorry Kelly, I killed your bees)  I guess it was a pretty rough year for old Apis Mellifera (see how smart I am? or Google is...whatever) and even some professional beekeepers lost their entire colonies.  I'll order more this winter and try again next spring.  IN THE MEANTIME, here is my memorial for my darling Bea and also for the other Bea.

Did you know that you can print right on fabric?  I'd do a tutorial, but since I can't take the fabric away from you and sigh dramatically because you're obviously doing it wrong, I'm just not very good at them.  Pretty much all I did was take some thin muslin and glue it to a piece of card stock with one of the kid's glue sticks, smooth it down and run it through the printer.  I don't know if it will stand up to water, but it looks cool for now.  The bee is embroidered, the latin name is what I printed.  I should teach classes. 

Then I babysat my favorite basset hound, Ruby.  It was hard work. 

Haley tried out for the High School Football Cheerleading squad and Ruby helped her practice.  Well she helped her at the end of the practice, that counts you know.  Did I mention how hard it is to care for basset hounds?

Jake has tried to eat us.  Really.  He's turned into kind of a jerk. 

I castrated this goat.  Newsworthy?  Well he is about ten weeks old and has/had (will shortly no longer have) balls the size of a small planet...what?  Too much?  Sorry. 

The fun just never ends.  So, I'm gonna go work on my big secret project now and I sure do hope everyone is having a (big castrated goat) BALL this summer!  (Again, sorry)

Smiles from the farm,


  1. Definitely smiles - this post cracked me up[well, except for the death of the bees. Sad.] But the rest is hysterical. Thanks for the smile Lisa.

  2. Hi Lisa, Sorry to hear about Bea and Bea and Bea and of course Bea. Don't feel bad. I lost the colony before over the winter. So many bee keepers did too. I kinda think Maine winters may be a bit to rough on the ladies. Hope your wether is doing great. He will be in a few days. Would you like to get a lamb? We have 9 left.;)

  3. Always forget how absolutely creative, clever, endearing, funny, and lovely you are until I read your blog and it rushes back like a warm wave at the beach (how's that for a science/math person, eh? eh?) Hugs to all:) Lori

  4. You make me smile Lisa!! ah school daze.........!

  5. I have plenty of bees at my house if you want some. Unfortunately they are not the honey making kind. They are the mean, stinging, fly in your face and scare the crap out of you kind...

  6. So funny Lisa! I for one would love to take a class from you just to hear you sigh dramatically and take away my fabric because I obviously would be doing it wrong! I just know we would have a "ball"! ~Lili

  7. Skirtain. Loving it. Going to use it. I'll send royalties your way though :)