Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Something brutally murdered one of the turkeys.  So we set a trap. 

In the morning we had captured the evil beast.  We approached slowly.

It was angry, this blood thirsty monster.  

As we approached, it turned and faced us down.  It bared it's vicious fangs, it's muzzle was smeared with the dregs of rancid flesh (Pedigree dog food, chunky style) we had used to bait the trap.  Suddenly it  let out a howl of fury.  My blood ran cold and for a moment I didn't know if I could go any closer.  Surely no one would escape this confrontation unscathed.  This beast certainly had no heart at all, it cared not that I was a mother or that I had a yard sale to initiate in the near future if I felt like it but most likely would blow it off until I needed four feet of space in my shop or the floor collapsed from the weight of it all.

But I am not a thoughtless animal.  I could not let even this gruesome creature suffer, confined in a steel cage, thrashing and screaming for egress.  I stifled my laughter gathered my courage, and approached and set it FREE!!!

As it ran back to it's lair, it turned and paused for a brief moment as if to thank me.  Or flip me off, but since cat's don't have knuckles I'll go with the former.  For one small moment in time the beast and I understood one another and a craving for liver and sardines washed over me like a mournful wind on a lonely moor.  Oh, beast I shall ever remember you as...Thomas.  Ya' big dummy.

Smiles from the farm,


  1. Ha! Well written, I'm still chuckling over here. :)

  2. Obviously another attempt by Thomas to turn the attention to himself. :) ~Lili

  3. He just wanted some of that yummy food poor thing you never feed him do you? ;)

  4. Hey... Free food! Can't blame a boy for trying. -J

  5. Obviously you are in need of a good Homegoat Security Team. I sure hope The Little UnDead didn't leave behind any friends that like turkey.

  6. So sorry about the turkey. Shame on that beast. Bring him to my farm. We can always use another beast.;)

  7. I know you had to muster the strength to be strong and not panic, run or tremble with fear. You are a good woman Lisa!! Char