Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Now a word from Mr. Thomas

Despite the recent influx of puppy...I have retained my poise and dignity. 

I cannot begin to understand why they find him adorable.  Dude isn't even potty trained. 

His little barks and jumps and attempts at engaging me in some sort of ridiculous puppy game, are understandably unheeded. 

For now I will allow him to stay.  Though I WILL taste his food first, and my food will remain off limits. 

And I will not let the people forget that I was here first and I can do cute too. 

Thank you and that is all.

Mr. Thomas


  1. HYSTERICAL. I'm quite sure your Mr. Thomas would ADORE my 4lb Yorkie.

    He might just eat her!



  2. Well said Mr. Thomas, you are the epitome of CUTENESS! (And Lisa, I just love the new look of your blog!) ~Lili

  3. Mr. Thomas you are quite the handsome gentleman. I hope the new member of the family truly appreciates your restraint.

  4. Dear Mr. Thomas,
    Adopt the ways of the goat and butt him a few times. It works wonders. Trust me.

  5. Oh Mr. T., the pup will grow up soon although not quickly enough to suit you perhaps.