Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Subtle are the gentle whispers of Spring...

Behind me as we speak, you and I, sweetly rest the newest additions to my farm.  They shall be vital to the sustainability of what I am trying to create, nurture and grow.  I have held the cat-sized baby Nigerian goat in my arms and marveled at the sweetness in her eyes, I have held the newly hatched chicken in my hand and tried to figure out which came first...But honestly in all of my life I have had an uncommon relationship with the new ones.  They are quiet and respectful and would never stand on the roof of my husband's newly waxed car (and I would NEVER almost pee a little from laughing so hard). 

One of the most unfavorable results of having livestock around is the amount of poo that is moved around this place.  But with the new ones, unlike the chickens who peck and scratch in my backyard and cause me to always have to wear some sort of footwear in the summer, I will bury my hands in their poo and be greatful. 

So there you have it.  I have new additions to my farm who have lovely poop.  Ahh, such a lovely picture ain't it?  Oh you want to see? -----Really?-----

Ok, here....

This is a Red Wiggler purchased from Mark at  Wormmainea here in Maine. I received one pound of them.  I haven't named them yet, cause they move really fast and I'm not really sure how many worms are in a pound.  Always something new here.  Yessuh.  They will eat our veggie scraps and make us a nice rich compost for the garden and cause uppity teenage girls to shriek and wrinkle their noses (which may be the best part)

Oh and by the way if you happen to decide that vermiculture (Yeah, see that's what us "worm people" call composting with worms) is something that you too would like to dabble in, well go visit Mark but when you go to tell people don't just say, "Hey, I've got worms!"  It just causes funny looks.  Trust me.  No really, trust me.

Smiles from the farm,


  1. I don't know what to say, but the concept is quite interesting. -Lili

  2. I want to know when you get them all named. That may take you awhile.