Monday, February 1, 2010

It's hard to find good help these days...

So, Mr....uhhhh, Thomas, is it?  Now why do you think you would be a good fit here at This House, Inc?

I handsome, I catch mouses.

Yes, that very well may be, but this is a VERY old house, there are lots of mouses, um MICE, here.  Have you any experience in this type of position?

I am cat. 

Hmmm, yes, I seeee.  Now, I see here on your resume, that you are a male cat.  How do I put this do you feel about (cough) neutering?


Well Mr. Thomas do you umm..spray?

Only when I cough or laugh.

Oh dear.  Well here at This House, Inc. we have a very firm stance on our male employees.  Chop, chop--as we say! 

That's a joke, Mr. Thomas.

I don't get it.  Look, they're real and they're SPECTACULAR.

Anywhoooo... we offer fantastic benefits.  Free meals, warm bed, treats, clean litter box, unlimited pats and free medical care as aforementioned, umm Mr. Thomas?

Ooooh, I see mouse!

He run fast!

Oops, he get away.

Yeah, umm.  I'm not sure you're quite what we're looking for here at This House, Inc.  I'm very sorry.


Hey listen lady, you've got a department store mannequin in your kitchen with a 12-pack of coke between her feet, who are you to judge?


Well, uhhh, yeah.  She's our head of Human Resources.  Ironic isn't it?  Heh, heh, hmmmm.  Ok, fine, but you're on probation.  I do not want to see nary a mouse dropping in this house from now on!  Do you hear me soldier!  Soldier?  Mr. Thomas?


Smiles from the farm,


  1. Mr. Thomas! I love it! This made me laugh out loud and oh he is ADORABLE and that's from someone that's a bird owner. I'm up a little too late tonight, you think?

  2. Ok, something is wrong...that date stamp thinks it's Monday at 11:l0 and it's really Tuesday at 2:11AM! Didn't want you to think that 11:00PM was too late for me....

  3. LOL, how funny! Thanks for the laugh and that is one pretty, err I mean handsome cat!

  4. ROTFLMAO....coughing, choking, snorting....that was funny....The pic of when you mentioned neutering made me choke I laughed so hard. That was priceless. Thank you so much!

  5. Oh Lisa, I am sure Thomas is a keeper! Just look at that sweet face. I love him already. Spray? did you say spray......NO NO bad kitty, Char

  6. Bucks spray too. Well, Mr.'s chop-chop if you want to stay then. At least he won't eat the Peanuts. That's a plus.

  7. He is a very handsome boy. Loved the post....I find it ironic, that as I am typing away here, the ad on your blog is for "Cat Urine Odor Removal". Perhaps Mr Thomas needs to look into this. Are you going to the auction this week in Corinth? Hugs, Kathleen

  8. Oh, I hope he got to stay! He looks like he'll be such a good boy...