Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm still here!

So where have I been for the last week? Well let me tell ya...

First of all I have decided to start a business. Remember the cupboard from my last post? Well I sold it right out of my driveway! So I have decided to take that as a sign that I can sell other things. So I need to dive into my shop and start sanding and painting. What? You want a peek at my shop? Oh lord, ok, here it is...

Now I won't be selling out of here, well because there is only a small path to get through this VERY organized collection of JUNK fine antiques. I will be selling at the Old General Store on the Hampden/Bangor town line. I have goals for my own shop though. I'm hoping next spring. We'll see!

I also went blueberry picking and need to get to jamming and pie baking and muffin makin'.

And of course I've been auctioning. I got this very old print at the auction. I saw it across the barn. I didn't look at it closely (big auction no-no), but for some reason I HAD to have it. It even broke my $5.00 bid cap at $11.00.

She's got goats! And a weird llama, but I love it. This one's a keeper.

Also did you realize that there was some huge mistake in the space/time continuum. I'm not quite sure exactly how it happened, but this little muffin butt turned 15. I have written a firmly worded letter to the time people, but as of yet I haven't heard back. I'm sure they are feverishly working on remedying this atrocity.

So what have you been up to?

Smiles from the farm,


  1. Hello there Business Woman! You are so talented a, I know you will be ever so successful. Congratulations and best of luck. I set up my space at the School House Antique Mall in Brewer a week ago. i am so excited! Who knew a job could be this mo]uch fun? Love the goat girl....Nice to see you back to blogland! Hugs, Kathleen

  2. When I saw that cupboard that you did that was my immediate thought...she should have a shop! Because afterall how many pieces can you fit into your own home? I'm glad you're going to share your talents with the world. I believe we're seeing the beginning of something amazing!

  3. Im so excited for you and your new adventure!!! The pieces that you have shared with us are so awesome I just know you are going to do so well with this. I wish we lived closed cuz Id love to have some of your work...heck Id even love to join in with you!!! And backing with fresh berries.....oh yummy!!!! And 15...time flies by doesnt it?????? I have two away in college and only one left at home and I wonder all the time how time flew by so fast!!!!! Glad to see you back to bloggyland...missed you!

  4. Ok Lisa, I forgive you for not being available when I have been out searching. You are excused, just so it doens't have very often. I love the idea of your business and know that you will do well. You did a great job on the dresser, good luck, oh, and by the way, I WANT that rocking chair in the middle of your shop!!! Char

  5. Hey there, great post. If you have any luck with that time thing, that would sure help me out a bit. It passes way too quickly...especially after one has children...then time wooshes right past!!