Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Put a Rose on it....

I priced some furniture appliques on eBay.  You know the little decorative shabby, frenchy plaster or wood things?  They are expensive.  SOOOOOOO, I purchased this silicone casting putty from Amazon.  It was $16.00 and is the most amazing thing ever (until I find the next amazing thing that is).  I used the corner embellishment on the mirror in my living room as my first mold.

The stuff is really easy to use.  You just take equal amounts and smoosh them together until it's all purple and then squish it onto your object.  (Yes, I SHOULD be a technical writer)  Then you wait 25 minutes (absolute  torture for someone like me, by the way!)  But then you get this!  It is bendy and rubbery and AWESOME. You can use plaster or whatever to make your applique.  I used polymer clay, because I couldn't wait for plaster to set up, are you kidding me?

And I dressed up this sad little broken stand.  I had to putty the cracks and one corner had been chewed on by a rather sharp-toothed creature.  I'd guess puppy.

Primed, painted and PRETTY!

I used three of the appliques with the end leaves snapped off and moved around a bit.

Right?  Can you just imagine the things I can put rose swaggy things on?  SO EXCITING!

Smiles from the farm,


  1. You are awesome! what kind of polymer clay did you use? Is this like sculpey?

    1. Yes like sculpey. I don't know the brand I used because the packaging is no longer with it, but any bake clay stuff would work. I mean this is so cool. I'm tearing around trying to find things to make molds with but being careful as the silicone stuff is fairly expensive and the package I got will probably only do about five molds, still cheaper than buying the molds already made!