Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Art or Craft?

What is the difference between arts and crafts?  Art is snooty and refined and inaccesible to the common folk, whereas crafts are utilitarian and homey.  Sometimes there is a fine line between the two and I have spent the last few weeks trying to figure this out.  Well, the last few hours.  Ok, 15 minutes ago I thought about it. Jeesh.

So, here I am trying to figure out my life and my purpose and I decided that I wanted to be artsy.  Not craftsy.  Just artsy.  So I decided to start a line of jewlery.  This line of jewlery will be handsculpted and of the finest quality.  I started with these roses.

Oh, how lovely.  Yes, I will stick with this line of refinement.  I won't slip back into my craftsy ways.  Not everything has to be funny.

 'Cept pop tarts are funny.  BUT cute and sweet too.

Oh and cupcakes!

Ahhh and whoopie pies!!

No, no, no!  Stop it.  (giggle-giggle)  How about roasted chickens!

OR steaks!  BAH! hehehehehehe


No wait.  That's not classy.  Are peas classy?  Yes, I'm pretty sure they are.

Oh and toast is classy.  Well what do they give at the beginning of classy parties?  Yeah, that's right.   Toast(s). 

Though I'd prefer Doritos.

Ummm.  Ok. I give up.  I ain't got no class.  Do you? 

**Note:  All of these classic pieces are available on my Etsy page.  They're wicked nice...and classy. 

Smiles from the farm,


  1. I love the peas... though I have no idea when I'd wear them. :)

  2. I neeeeeed the chickens and peas. I got class up the wazoo. No where else but there.

  3. Oh, my. I have been wondering what happened to you. Now I know. Were you hungry when you decided to embark upon this new venture? Of course you know what is missing.

  4. OK, these just blew me are a-MAZn'! ~Lili

  5. Oh Lisa-these are definitely artsy- by Maine standards anyway!! and that's whats important!! Love them!

  6. Lisa, I my package arrived and I think they are great. Ted thinks I have lost my mind. He said I should wear the roasted chicken in 1 ear and the peas in the other so I will have a complete meal. LOL.

  7. These are certainly upper class girl! too funny. How about sunnyside up eggs and bacon? Just to continue the food theme LOL.

  8. Whaaat? No goat earings Lisa??!! Char