Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Descent...

The little farmhouse was built in 1900.  We have a finished basement, IF the final product was meant to be a medieval torture chamber where milk fed chicks with Scandinavian heritage cannot walk upright and spiders hide amongst the rock foundation and there are ghosts too.  It's pretty scary is what I'm saying.  

The stairs are scary.  The stairs are less stairs and more ladder which maintains that you descend backwards.  That's fun.  Have I ever defined the level of my grace to you?  No?  Well there's a reason for that.  It's undefinable, in not a good way. 

I enter the basement less then frequently but the freezer is down there and sometimes it is necessary to crawl down those cursed steps. 

For some reason this always illicits an audience. 

He calls to his friend...

I can't decide if they are confused as to what I am doing or if they are plotting on how to keep me down there amongst the spiders and ghosts.   Something tells me that if I were to fall, they would just quietly close the door and go about their business. 

Which explains the massive ghost population in my cellar. 


  1. Oh Lisa-this is so funny-cause it's so true of neat ole Maine farmhouses!-I remember well both my grandmothers old cellars-wooo-scary!! I am so new to finding out about blogging-I never connected that you as a follower- were the same person as I've been following -your pink porches blog for quite awhile!! And we live so close nearby each other! In Fla for another week and am anxious to head back to Maine-even though I understand there's a little snow still!!?? Been gone 8 weeks. The little goats are wonderful-my neice has two others who are due to deliver 3 babies in a month or so! can't wait! Always loved lambing time when I had them and will love kidding!! Take care have a great week!

  2. Lisa, I don't know if I would be so brave. If the animals are not curious enough to follow you, esp the cat (and he/she has nine lives!!) then it must be very scary there. Doing steps backward, I don't think so.....
    Loved your post and so glad it's you and not me....Char

  3. What pretty faces sneaking peeks at you. Pets are always checking us out

  4. They were probably worried that you werent going to come back up and feed them ;)

  5. My friend had a basement like that, it had a very weird crawl space off to the side as well, and he SWORE there was a decomposed body in there.

    No thanks. I'm good.

    I'll stick to my 70 year old, partialy finished with a bedroom basement. :)

  6. Food Lady....hehe you crack me up Lisa! So you have ghosts down cellar too, huh? ~Lili

  7. Okay, here's what you do. Take a large bag of Peanuts down there next time you go. This will keep the ghosts appeased if you get locked in and give you something to eat until someone notices you are gone and comes to look for you - which could be awhile if things are like they are at this house. Oy.

  8. I would love that scary space for all my canning!! I LOVE old homes!!!

  9. This post cracked me up! I was crying I was laughing so hard! Thanks! I found you through Lili at Fearless Nesting.

    I think all Maine basements are like that....except I can go down my stairs forward....but the steps are only about 6" deep, so you have to do the sideways foot thing! There's a second cellar, where the coal used get shoveled into, and then a third cellar-dungeon beyond that....I don't go through those two doors anymore ....way too scary....there's absolutely no light, and all I can think is that when I get to the end, my flashlight will die....and then so will I!